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Mysore Practice Group [MPG]

Mysore Practice Group Membership and Drop-In Pricing:              


Unlimited:  $150/month                                  

4-6 days per week: $100/ month                    

2-4 days per week: $80/month                      

1-2 days per week: $50/month                        

Drop-in + instruction= $15

Drop-in: $10


Guided Full Primary:

$10 MPG - member

$20 Non-member


Ashtanga Vinyasa Basics:

$10 MPG - member

$15 Non-member $65 five-class pass


MPG is a group of individuals devoted to cultivating a space for self study and practice in the ashtanga yoga tradition. Membership is open to all who are all who are interested in learning the practice. Membership preserves our studio and provides opportunities for both individualized instruction and community.  Mysore instruction is offered 3 days week, other days are dedicated to self practice and led classes.  If you aren't sure about membership or are traveling and visiting from out of town, practitioners are also welcome to drop-in, research and explore. 

To drop-in on self practice days please confirm hours and door code instructions prior to your visit. See  Class Schedule for more  information.