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The Integrated Body

Still humming from the Teacher's Intensive with Richard + Mary Molly will offer two workshops to share what she's bringing home: The Integrated Body. We've been exploring some of this in the Mysore room in the last couple of weeks and there will be more to come. A workshop setting provides a different shape, another opportunity to taste some of this together: envision a platter with ripe berries and melons - what does each one taste like, what do they taste like in combination? The focus of the teachings I've just received is on internal forms, working with the patterns of prana & apana, psoas buttons, mula and uddiyana bandha, the cave of the sacrum, the four angels of the pelvic floor, the palette,  and other beautiful, imaginative and instructive images. The invitation here is to start with the breath and stay there - it's the most important teacher we have. 

$12 MPG | $16 drop-in

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Mysore w/ Andi
Later Event: August 25
Guided Full Primary with Dana